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The Khan - Theatre for theatre lovers
2 David Remez Sq., Jerusalem 93541, Tel. 02-6303600
About us

The Khan Theatre is the only producing repertoire-theatre in Jerusalem today and is considered to be one of the leading in the country.
The theatre produces 6 new shows annually. The repertoire is selected by artistic director Michael Gurevitch, who also writes and directs some of the theatre's shows.
Michael Gurevitch's works set the Khan Theatre apart because of the special creative proccess: rehearsals begin without a play, without knowing what the day will bring. All along the way the director and the actors form the story they are working on. They use different excercises, improvisations, brain storming and theatre games. At a certain stage the Set, Costume and Lighting designers and the musician come in to do their job.
This is the Khan Theatre's way of creating a performance as lively as possible, which is born of the unique encounter between these certain actors and this certain playwright and director at a given time. It is a longer than usual rehearsal proccess in which the play and the show are transformed many times.
The unique building, the magical garden and the atmosphere of the place dictate an intimate and direct relationship with the audience.

The central goals of the Khan are to lead, strengthen, organize, and implement activities pertaining to culture, the arts, society, entertainment, and the community.

The Khan is an non profit organization. Its General Assembly and Board of Directors are comprised of key figures of Jerusalem, including representatives of the Jerusalem Foundation, Jerusalem Municipality the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport, and community leaders.


The Khan receives support from the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Jerusalem City Hall, the Jerusalem Foundation, and other independent foundations and funders. The Khan is a registered tax-exempt organization under Chapter 46a of the Israeli Tax Law.

Executive Director: Danny Weiss
Artistic Director: Michael Gurevitch


The Khan Theatre is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, The Jerusalem Municipality, The Jerusalem Foundation and other foundations which support social and educational projects.



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